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Settled along the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri Hills, Pune invests heavily in being a throbbing social city with tinges of innovation permeated in all her veins. Regardless of whether you allude to the city as the “Social Capital of Maharashtra” or the “Oxford of the East” the Punya Nagari throbs with a rich history and is quick forming into India’s most prominent instructive center. This is the city which saw the birth and ascent of the incomparable Maratha chieftain Shivaji whose proof is well borne out through the incalculable posts and castles that are arranged in and around. Spotted by rich slopes and clean lakes and with an atmosphere that remaining parts wonderful nearly consistently, in contrast to its sister city and monetary capital of India, Mumbai, Pune pulls in voyagers to its lap in light of the sheer quality and the laid-back soul that it conveys alongside it. From recorded buildings that reverberation its lively past to the few first rate instructive organizations which draw in understudies both from inside the nation just as abroad,  linux classes in Pune resounds with an overpowering appeal and vitality of its own.


Best Time to Visit Pune


Tucked along the Western Ghats, Pune witnesses a great atmosphere practically all as the year progressed. Be that as it may, ongoing urbanization has prompted numerous adjustments in the climate with summers seeing the city reeling under burning warmth of the sun and temperatures running from about 22degrees Celsius to 44 degrees Celsius. The coming of the rainstorm in July brings a ton of help while the winters are invited with their lovely mornings and cool evenings. The best time to visit the city is apparently between the long stretches of October to February when the atmosphere is at its best. The period of December finds the city spruced up in dapper clothes for Christmas and New Year festivities enjoying shaking parties and throbbing music. Those craving to observe the city’s primary celebration Ganesh Chaturthi may well travel during the period of September when Pune wears a fiery and passionate clothing.


Features (Special Things to See and Do in Pune)


  • Gift your feet a couple of Osho shoes which are sold in abundance on the Osho Street or the road just before the Osho Ashram. The shoes are deeply agreeable velvet ties coming in heap hues and accessible at extremely inexpensive rates.


  • Take a look into the wide range of snakes and creatures of land and water at the Katraj Snake Park which is situated inside the Katraj Zoo and is a magnificent specialty for both youthful and grown-ups the same..



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