How Discord Renders Rich Messages on the Android App

We selected right off the bat to save all speak records everlastingly so customers can return whenever and feature their statistics handy on any gadget. This is a ton of records this is ever expanding in pace, size, and have to stay available. How could we do it? Cassandra!

What we were doing

The first form of Discord turned into worked discord welcome bot only shy of two months in mid 2015. Ostensibly, possibly the pleasant database for repeating rapidly is MongoDB.

Everything on Discord became placed away in a solitary MongoDB replica set and this turned into purposeful, yet we moreover arranged the entirety for easy movement to some other database (we realized we were no longer going to make use of MongoDB sharding in mild of the reality that it’s far convoluted to make use of and now not regarded for strength). This is quite of our business enterprise culture: construct swiftly to validate an item highlight, yet consistently with a manner to an more and more effective association.

The messages had been positioned away in a MongoDB collection with a solitary compound file on channel_id and created_at. Around November 2015, we arrived at one hundred million put away messages and as of now we commenced to peer the normal troubles displaying up: the records and the list ought to no longer, at this point in shape in RAM and latencies commenced to get eccentric. The time had come to relocate to a database regularly suit to the undertaking.

Picking the Right Database

Before picking some other database, we wanted to recognize our read/compose examples and why we had been having problems with our gift arrangement.It without delay grew to become out to be positive that our peruses had been extraordinarily irregular and our read/compose proportion was round 50/50.Voice talk good sized Discord servers ship practically no messages.

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