Dowry and Wedding Gifts in Islam, Developing and Developed Countries

This questionable matrimonial tradition however, seeped into the homes of the downtrodden and poor individuals to muster a phony respect. By then there was already present a guilty conscious sensation of having a baby to and fostering of female kids. Additionally the increasing percentage of female births more than male kids contributed the share of its to the corrupt system.

The simple fact that each house having much more เช่า เงินสำหรับพิธีสินสอดใช้เท่าไหร่ compared to boys alarmed the elders make hurry in offering the daughters of theirs in marriage. This made a ground for competition. This attitude paved the way for the grooms as well as the parents of theirs to demand Dowry of the choice of theirs.

The Dowry structure has just recently become very popular that each groom felt gaudy and proud on the amount of products, mass of amount and yellow sum of money he got. The parents of the females also sighed in relief over gifting the sons-in-law of theirs with this kind of items.

They relaxed indebted since the daughters of theirs will be highly regarded and best handled by the in laws of theirs, as compared to the counterparts of theirs. The daughters also take pride in grabbing a lot from the parents of theirs and reduce no chance to spotlight the substance superiority of theirs over some other females of the role of theirs in the household they enter.

The less adorned daughter feels small of the situation and possibly quarrels with her pesters or in laws the parents of her to provide her much more to ensure that she may also gain equal regard of the household of the husband of her. These skirmishes to the household engulf every member and take shapes to totally different dimensions, like division of households, separation of couples, divorce, limitless enmity, court cases, loss of well-being, and private feud.

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